In today’s world temporary positions are becoming quite common in businesses. And these temporary positions aren’t just filling a space for employees who are on vacation, or on leave, or for helping when a company goes through a seasonal uptick in business; They can turn into permanent positions. Allstaff Services, Inc. is a staffing agency in Phoenix and Tucson that specializes in temp recruitment. And whether you’re looking to fill a short-term position, or you’d like to find a high-quality temp-to-hire candidate, we can help you meet that need. In our 55+ years of experience, here are some signs we’ve observed that your temp is ready to become a full-time employee:

1. They Excel in Their Role

Day in and day out, your temp is delivering on their job expectations. They get their job done well. They limit mistakes, meet deadlines, are willing to work overtime, and show initiative.

2. They Are Hungry to Learn

Your temp may have been hired for a certain limited role, but they have demonstrated an eagerness to understand different aspects of how your company works. They don’t just ask what needs to be done, they ask why, because it’s important that they understand the value each role and task contributes to the company.

3. They Engage in Company Culture

When you hired your temp, you may not have known whether they would fit in with your company culture. But when your temp makes an effort to genuinely be a part of the company; when they build relationships with other quality employees; and they seek to understand the values and ethos of how the company runs—they’ve set themselves apart.

4. When There’s Extra Work to be Done, They Volunteer

A good employee gets their work done. An outstanding employee hustles to accomplish what’s on their plate and then sees how they can be of use to the team as a whole. And when there is an extra burden on the team, they are quick to volunteer.

Some temporary workers enjoy the nature of temporary work and the flexibility it offers, while others are eager for their temp job to turn into a permanent gig. If your company is looking to fill a temp-to-hire position in Phoenix or Tucson, we can help you find the right match. We work in the temp recruitment industry and have a deep network of connections. Contact us today!


Photo by Matthew Henry from  Burst (7/7/2018)