You already have enough on your plate. And hopefully, we communicated in our last post why outsourcing payroll processing may be a great alternative to the challenges and trouble of doing it yourself. However, you may still be hesitant to go with outsourcing, because you believe in-house processing to be more cost-effective. Or perhaps you’re protective of your company’s wage information. Or, you’d like to maintain control over payroll data in order to be able to make last minute changes. Allstaff Services, Inc., a staffing company serving Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson, has been supporting local Phoenix Valley businesses and helping them thrive for over 50 years. When you let us handle your payroll services, we’ll help alleviate the challenges and leave you with all the benefits.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Processing

1. Saves Money

The resources and time required to maintain the payroll function within a company can add up! When you compare the cost of using a payroll service provider with processing payroll in-house, you might be surprised at the savings.

2.Avoids Penalties

Using an outsourcing company not only means that your payroll is in competent hands, it also means you don’t have to fret over compliance with ever-changing IRS rules and regulations and potential fines and penalties for incorrect tax filing.

3. Leverages Technology

Learning the programs and software required to securely and effectively see that your employees are paid can be a huge headache. Since managing payroll is the primary function of companies that do payroll processing, they know their programs well, and they also keep up with technology updates; and that gives you a way to get the job done without stress.

4. Reduces Error

Instead of tacking payroll tasks onto the already overloaded job description of one of your finance team members, consider a company that specializes in payroll services. They employ experts in the field who stay up-to-date with changing rules and regulations and with technology. They understand all the complexities of the task at hand, and their expertise means less human error: and in doing payroll, there is a lot of room for error!

5. Enhances Security

When you manage payroll in-house, you have to consider an array of risks, like software vulnerability, the security of the company server and network, and potentially even untrustworthy employees. By contrast, a quality payroll provider takes great care to use state-of-the-art systems that store and protect your company’s confidential data.

Many businesses these days acknowledge the overwhelming benefits of outsourcing payroll processing to help keep their companies running smoothly. Allstaff Services, Inc. is a staffing agency in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson. We specialize in a variety of services to allow companies like yours to focus on creating and innovating in your field. Call us today! We’d love to partner with you.

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Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst (6/21/2018)