When you’re an employee looking for a benefits package, you’re looking for stability and security. And you want to know you’ll be taken care of, should you or your family have health needs. At Allstaff Services, Inc., we’ve been successfully staffing the Phoenix and Tucson areas for the past 55+ years. And as a quality staffing company, we take care of our employees and associates by offering a  competitive benefits package that can help you feel good about working with us.

There are, however, some global companies that go over-the-top in the perks they offer. We thought you might enjoy reading about some of the extravagances that the following world-renowned companies offer. Just for fun, take a look!

1. Sage Therapeutic

Industry: Biopharmaceuticals

Top Benefits: Being a pharmaceutical company, it makes sense that they offer incredible medical, dental, and vision benefits. But in addition to those, employees are offered 3 months’ paid parental leave and 6 months’ worth of free diapers. And the kicker in our opinion is free breastmilk shipping while traveling.

2. Facebook

Industry: Internet

Top Benefits: If three months sounds like a sweet amount of leave time offered to new parents (man or woman), Facebook offers four months! And according to Business Insider, they offer free valet parking and charging stations for electric cars at their Menlo Park headquarters.

3. Airbnb

Industry: Online Marketplace & Hospitality

Top Benefits: Adventurers and travelers hit the jackpot when they join the Airbnb wagon. To be exact, they receive a $2,000 annual stipend to stay at one of their listings around the world.

4. Netflix

Industry: Entertainment

Top Benefits: Netflix offers the ultimate trust in their employees with the incredible leave and vacation time they provide. They give one year for maternity/paternity leave, and unlimited time off for sick days and vacation. The time their employees need is the time they getas long as work is getting done.

5. Tesla

Industry: Automotive

Top Benefits: Drive a Tesla to work and keep it on the weekends! That’s one of the amazing perks for employees who work at this tech and automotive monolith. In addition, employees get free stock in the company, which is worth over $300/share right now!

Allstaff Services, Inc. believes in the health and wellbeing of our associates. As a staffing company, we offer a strong benefits package that includes health and dental insurance for our Associates. We want to take care of you. After all, you represent Allstaff Services, inc. to our clients. Interested in connecting with our company? Call us today to find out more!

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Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst (7/14/2018)