You’ve decided temporary work is the right choice for you at this time in your life. Perhaps you’ve even read our post about what to expect when working with a temp agency. The next logical question is: how should I prepare when interviewing for a temp job? With over five decades of experience in the staffing industry, at Allstaff Services, Inc. we can confidently share our insight on how to be ready for that all-important interview. Our first piece of advice? Come with a few questions of your own for the temp recruiter who is interviewing you. The following are our top 5 questions you’ll want to have answered: but if you like, you can also create your own questions.

1. Is this a temporary assignment, or a temp-to-permanent assignment?

On occasion, client companies (companies our temps work for) will be looking to “test out” an employee with a temporary position before they consider offering a more permanent role in their company. When setting out to find temp work, you need to know your style. Do you prefer working in a seasonal position, or are you hoping to turn the temp job into a permanent position? If you’re seeking a permanent work solution and the job you’re offered is only a temporary assignment, you’ll know to begin pursuing something permanent by the time the present contract has ended.

2. What are the detailed requirements and tasks for this job?

In order to find you the best possible placement, when you interview with us, we’ll have you complete an informational sheet that will highlight your specific skills and experience. Even so, during your interview, it’s a good idea to get clarity on the specific job requirements and tasks involved in the assignment.

3. Will on-the-job training be offered?

A lot of people seeking temporary work do so in order to diversify their skill set or to keep up-to-date with current skill sets while looking for full-time employment. Be aware that some temp jobs require only entry-level skills, but others will require special skills. If a particular skill set is needed, it will be good to know if some kind of onboarding and on-the-job training will be provided.

4. Can you tell me a little more about the goals for this assignment?

Since your assignment will be temporary, there is no time to lose. One way you can impress your direct supervisor will be to understand the specific goals of your role and how you can help the company efficiently accomplish them. And remember, adaptability and eagerness to be useful are extremely valuable characteristics in a temporary employee.

5. What are some ways you think I can be successful at this job?

As a staffing agency, we already have a relationship with the client company you are interviewing with for a specific assignment. This connection means we can give you great advice about what the job will require and how you can impress your direct supervisor. And since working as a temp means you’re employed directly by Allstaff Services, we can also help you understand how to maintain a good relationship with our company.

As a staffing company serving Phoenix and Tucson, Allstaff Services, Inc. is on your side. When you are interviewing for a temp job in our offices, it is our goal to find a great fit for you. Call us today or visit our website and check out our current openings!


Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash (10/14/2018)