Whether you’re looking for a full-time employee to fill a position, or you just need a temporary worker who is qualified to help with your company’s current big project, finding quality talent is not an easy task. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and it can cut into other areas of company productivity. For over 5 decades, our passion at Allstaff Services, Inc. has been to lighten your load by doing the heavy lifting of finding you the best candidate for a position. In honor of each decade of experience in the profession, we would like to offer 5 reasons for using a high-quality staffing agency to help with your hiring in Phoenix, AZ.

Here are our top 5:

1. Passive Talent Recruitment

Unlike a corporate recruiter who only has time to skim through the resumes of candidates who have applied directly for the job (aka the active talent market), staffing agencies excel in uncovering passive talent candidates who are highly qualified for a position but not actively looking for a new job. These hires take much more time to cultivate. They may be looking for new and better job opportunities, but since they haven’t applied to your position directly, they need to hear what it is about your company in general, and the position specifically, that makes considering a job move worth their effort. And a talent recruitment agency specializes in doing this part well.

2. Deep Networks

A staffing agency’s job is to find the top talent in an industry. This means they’ve taken the time to develop strong and deep networks within the active and passive talent markets. So when the time comes for you to fill a position, they may already have a dozen great leads on a potential candidate.  

3. Understanding of Real Job Needs

Staffing agencies tend to have an in-depth understanding of specific job needs, as well as having a good grasp on the hiring manager’s needs. With this knowledge, they’re able to hone in more accurately on the appropriate candidates for the job.

4. Fewer Candidate Interviews

Talent acquisition firms are always searching high and low for the best hires—who may or may not be actively seeking jobs—which means they’ve always got their fingers on the pulse of potential candidates. As a result of their due diligence, by the time you see potential hires for your company, you’ll only be seeing those who are highly qualified.

5. Improved Temporary Worker Productivity

If you have seasonal ups and downs or big projects on the horizon, using a staffing agency to hand-pick temporary workers can save time and improve productivity. And who knows? Your temporary worker may turn into the perfect full-time employee.

At Allstaff Services, Inc., our commitment is, and always has been, to provide the highest quality of service and satisfaction to valued clients who are hiring in Phoenix, AZ. Check out our industry specialties and see if we would be a good fit as your talent acquisition agency.


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst (6/7/2018)