You’ve been out of the workforce for some time, and now you want to get back in the game. Whether you were raising a family, decided to go back to school, were dealing with an illness or caring for an ill family member, or were pursuing other goals—reentering the workplace can be a daunting task.

As a talent recruitment agency in Phoenix, AZ., we understand your fears. Having a gap in your work history can be an undesirable quality in the eyes of a hiring manager. On top of that, you may be feeling pressure because you have an outdated skill set, or because you’re not up on all the changes that have occurred in your industry during your absence.

Don’t get down on yourself or give into anxiety. There are ways you can relaunch your career with confidence and success, and we’re here to help! Here are 5 tips we’ve pulled together that can help you successfully reenter the job market.

Tip 1: Start Updating Your Skills Yesterday

If you know that a job search is on the horizon after a hiatus from the workplace, the first step you can take is to get recertified, renew credentials, or take a course that will keep your skills fresh. Hiring managers will want to see this initiative.

Tip 2: Decide What Kind of Resume to Use

For people who are moving from one job to the next, a chronological resume that lists work and experience in order of its occurrence is the most common choice. However, if you’ve had a large gap in your employment and you don’t want to highlight this fact, consider choosing a functional resume format that focuses on your skills and achievements. And don’t forget to consider experiences or achievements you acquired while out of the workplace. If you headed up a fundraiser that raised money for your child’s school programs, go ahead and highlight that on your resume.

Tip 3: Get Online & Work Your Contacts

Professional networking sites like Linkedin are incredibly helpful when searching for a job. Before you begin your search, update your online networking profiles and widen your pool of contacts. Reach out to former employers and co-workers to let them know you are job-hunting again. Take advantage of every potential resource you have!

Tip 4: Partner with a Recruitment Agency

An experienced staffing and recruitment agency can make all the difference when getting back out there. Using a staffing company like Allstaff Services Inc. that has over five decades of experience in the industry will help you get your foot in the door. We’ll provide the guidance you need to find a job you love.

Tip 5: Don’t Give Up

This is perhaps the best tip we can offer you. When the going gets tough, keep your head up. If you experience several rejections, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a job that’s right for you. Continue to put yourself out there and see each ‘No’ as an opportunity to grow and refine your interview skills. The only failure is in giving up.

If you are ready to reenter the job market in the Phoenix or Tucson areas today, give us a call or check out our job listings online!


Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash (2/13/2019)