No matter how incredible you may be to work for, employee turnover is an unavoidable reality that every business will experience. Allstaff Services, Inc., serving Phoenix, Tempe, & Scottsdale, knows how challenging it can be to find the right hire who will become a loyal employee. During 55 years in business as an employment agency, we’ve been following trends and statistics. We’d like to share some of the wisdom we’ve gained about how to reduce employee turnover.

1. Start With the Right Hire

This might seem a bit obvious, but investing up front in the right person for the job and the organization is the critical first step to employee retention. That’s where Allstaff Services, Inc. comes into the picture. Our customized placement strategies, recruiting, screening, and evaluation programs are second to none. We provide a single point of contact and a centralized order process to make life easy for you and your business. Our 24/7 customer support service and delivery monitoring programs are in place to ensure absolute and complete satisfaction.

2. Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

Especially with today’s millennial generation, an attractive pay and benefits plan can set your company apart from other businesses. Research competitive salary ranges with similar job positions in the area, and set your pay accordingly. And a paycheck at the end of the month is not all employees are looking for these days; they want good benefits as well. Take the time to learn about common employee benefits in order to offer a unique and attractive package.

3. Cultivate a Positive Workplace Environment

Returning to our first point in this post, when hiring, you want to find a candidate who fits in with your organizational culture and environment. After you’ve found the right fit, the next step is to continue cultivating this environment. A few characteristics of a healthy workplace environment are: flexibility, respect, open communication, humor, understanding, and cooperation. If your employees feel unbalanced, overwhelmed, or alone at work, their performance will drop and ultimately they will leave.

4. Recognize Your Employees

Odds are, if you picked the right hire, your employees are working tirelessly for you. Acknowledging their hard work can be as simple as a quick affirmation while passing through the office. Of course, there will be times when more effort is required in appreciating your employees, but don’t overlook the simple, daily messages you can send their way. Recognizing their successes and accomplishments at work will go a long way toward employee satisfaction. An appreciated employee is a happy employee.

5. Show Opportunities for Advancement

When an employee feels stagnate in their position they will lack vision, become bored, and ultimately they may look outside your company for other opportunities. But advancement doesn’t always look like moving upward on the corporate ladder. For some employees, it’s a lateral move. Or, it could be giving them the opportunity to increase their skill set through trainings and seminars. Additionally, provide opportunities for employees to share their knowledge or mentor another person. Employees want to feel like you’re invested in their future and that a career path is available to them. Let them know their part in the company matters by giving them opportunities to shine.

6. Allow Flexible Work Times

Striking a healthy work-life balance is an important reality for your employees. They have families, interests, and commitments outside of work. By offering some flexibility—like flexible start times or end-times, lunch breaks, or how they can use their PTO—you’ll allow employees to live their lives outside of work. In the end, they’ll be more satisfied.

As with any endeavor, implementing strategies that can reduce employee turnover requires time and initiative. The payoff is satisfied employees, and that makes the effort worthwhile. And remember, starting with the right hire is the foundation of reducing employee turnover. When you’re looking for your next new hire, turn to Allstaff Services, Inc. Our experience as an employment agency can make your job easier and lay a good foundation for your company’s future.


Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst (4/7/2018)