We exist to help job seekers find employment while assisting companies in finding the perfect fit for their open positions. But there are at least seven additional benefits that come with using a recruitment agency.


1- Faster Hiring

Using ALLSTAFF agency shortens the time it takes to fill your open positions. We do so by accessing a large talent pool in our database to find people with the special skills your company is looking for. The recruitment agency handles the whole process, which saves you time and money. If you’re a job candidate, you’ll have someone communicating with the potential employer on your behalf!


2- High-Quality Candidates

Using ALLSTAFF increases your chances of meeting with high-quality, vetted candidates. You will only meet with those that have already been carefully assessed and interviewed. Utilizing our expert interviewing process, we understand the needs of our candidates as well as your requirements. Agency recruiters are experts in candidate selection, trained to assess candidates, utilizing their experience, which you may not have.


3- Specialist recruitment knowledge

ALLSTAFF has specialists that recruit for specific positions, including technical roles and the needed skills for such roles. We often can spot transferable skills that others may miss. Many, if not most recruitment agencies, specialize in specific industries, roles, or employment levels.


4- Focus on Serving the Client

Our agency work takes place before any compensation from our client. If no candidate is hired, then there is no fee for our services. This ensures that our focus is on providing you with the best possible candidates for your open positions. Also, the best candidates are often not actively looking for a new job. Recruitment firms call those people “passive talent,” and they usually take a little longer to find. However, recruiters likely know who those people are and how to reach them. You would have never found these people without an agency.


5- Knowledge of the market

The best recruiters learn a lot about the sectors they work in as they talk to both clients and job candidates. As a result, they can often provide you with valuable insight and wise advice. ALLSTAFF knows market trends and the ins and outs of hiring complexities that you may not be aware of.

6- This Is What We Do Full-Time

ALLSTAFF spends much of its time finding people to apply for job openings. We advertise and screen candidates to find the strongest ones early in the process. Our primary objective is to find you the top talent you need.

ALLSTAFF has access to a large database of open positions, including those that are never announced or advertised. For the job seeker, that could be the difference between finding a job and finding the right job. For employers, it could be the difference between finding an employee and finding the perfect fit.

7- Finding Temporary Help

ALLSTAFF offers temporary recruitment for employers who don’t need someone permanently. This can be useful if you need help at a busy time of year, such as around the holidays. Temporary positions are great for job candidates. It allows them to gain experience and perhaps find a company or field they would like to pursue.