LinkedIn came onto the scene in 2003 and slowly grew in popularity as a professional social networking platform, and eventually, as a recruitment avenue. Today, Linkedin has over 575 million users worldwide. And according to one article, 61 million of those users are senior-level influencers and about 40 million are in decision-making positions. That means it’s not just other worker bees mingling and looking for opportunity out there. It’s also hiring managers and recruitment professionals who are potentially looking at your profile and assessing if you would be a good fit for their company.

As a staffing company serving Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe, Allstaff Services, Inc. knows that it’s common for recruiters and hiring managers to visit a candidate’s LinkedIn profile when they are vetting a potential hire. So, if you aren’t yet on LinkedIn or you need to spruce up your presence on the site, we want to share with you some obvious and subtle ways you can maximize your LinkedIn profile to get the job you want.

7 Tips for How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Connect. Connect with your friends; connect with your colleagues; connect with the people you used to work with; connect with people you used to go to school with. It’s a networking platform and everyone is there to connect. So don’t be shy; link with people!
  2. Share on your timeline. What is your brand? What is your industry or specialty? Share new articles that pertain to your field and comment on them. Stay active in the community you specialize in. 
  3. Tailor your profile. Job recruiters can search profiles for certain keywords and narrow down a candidate search through that technique. If your experience is in a specific industry and you’re looking for a job in that field, tastefully incorporate keywords for that industry into your profile.
  4. Optimize your headline. Here’s what Money Magazine has to say, “Your LinkedIn headline also deserves some attention. If you’re actively looking for a new gig, think about how you can use this space to grab a recruiter’s attention. There are a million “Marketing Director” profiles; something like “Master of Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing” will get way more eyeballs.
  5. Share your career interests. While they can’t promise your current company won’t see you’re open to finding a new job, LinkedIn says they take every precaution to keep this aspect of your profile private while giving you the opportunity to let the recruitment world know you are hunting. This feature allows you to specify what kind of position you are looking for, where in the world you’d ideally like to work, and even where you’re at in your search.
  6. Upload your resume. Not only will recruiters and hiring managers be able to scan your resume immediately when your profile grabs their attention, but many online application sites have an option to upload your resume and apply through your LinkedIn profile.
  7. Stay active. This doesn’t mean you have to go on every day, but a dead profile won’t catch anyone’s eye. Continue to steadily connect with people, share articles, write articles, update your profile when you’ve received new training or gotten a new job, etc…

Now that you know how to maximize your LinkedIn profile for the job you want, get out there and wow those recruiters. And if you’re actively looking for work, check out our current job openings. If you don’t see the job you’re looking for, contact us. We’d love to speak with you personally and see if we can find the right fit for you.


Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash (1/9/2019)