Here at Allstaff Services Inc, we like to recommend continued education. Typically, this makes people think of going back to school, but luckily these days it doesn’t necessarily mean having to be in the classroom. Things as simple as learning a new skill, software program, or beginning to learn a new language can benefit you in the workplace.

As specialists in the employment services industry for over 55 years, our HR and Recruitment team understand that people have busy lives both inside and outside of work and sometimes it’s hard to schedule in time to take a class or learn a new skill. Here is some of the advice we like to share with our employees.



If you have very little free time, and have a skill in mind that you are interested in learning; one of our favorite methods is using tutorials. Either reading one, or watching a how to video online. This method works best when there is a specific skill you want to learn. (Just watching random tutorials that don’t relate to you or the work you are interested it doesn’t always make the information stick.) Luckily in today’s day and age, there are numerous videos and write ups on most workplace skills you may be interested in, and finding them is as easy and typing it in a search bar. Since the information is there and always accessible you are able to start learning your new skill at your leisure rather than on someone else’s schedule. The best part is that the content is usually free, so you won’t be put out of pocket for the training.



Webinars are a great resource to use if you are able to dedicate and hour or so to learning something new. While the topics aren’t as vast or pointed as reading a tutorial they typically allow for a questions and answers period, and explain a bit better as to why things are done a certain way. A quick online search can point you to webinars that are local, national, or even worldwide; many of them being free to attend. A lot of webinars focus more on strategy and methods of doing things, rather than specific tasks.



There are a lot of businesses and local networking groups that offer workshops. These unfortunately don’t offer a lot of schedule flexibility, but are great for hands on learning and being to bounce ideas off your peers while you are attending. Most of them are drop in as well, so you don’t have to commit to a series of classes, or decide if you want to attend months in advance. Both formal and informal workshops can provide you with valuable information on what you are looking to learn, along with some information and advice for things that go hand in hand with the topic you may not have thought of.



Apps on your phone can be hit or miss- but one thing we have found them to be useful for is learning a new language. There are several (free) apps out there that offer several language courses that are more trial and error teaching styles that can be frustrating if you prefer to know why certain verbiage is used over another, though we found they usually do have buttons you can click on to explain the reasoning. (Those buttons have made all the difference for us!) Using these apps won’t necessarily make you fully fluent in another language, but they are a good place to get the basics down, or even just brush up on your skills.


Continuing to learn and grow is an important part of daily life, and we at Allstaff Services Inc, believe that it is beneficial to both your work and personal life to actively seek out new opportunities to learn. Even if there isn’t anything you can think of that you specifically want to learn, taking a refresher course on new versions of software you regularly use can even be helpful. There may be features or shortcuts you were not aware of. We have been in the Employment Services Industry for over 55 years now, and always have and will encourage our employees and applicants to seek out education and learning adventures. If this is something you agree with, we would love to consider having you join our team. Please go here to view our current openings.