In today’s job recruitment world, a common question on the minds of many potential candidates is whether or not a cover letter is still necessary when applying for a job. You may have begun the application process only to notice that little word “optional” written next to where a cover letter can be uploaded. As a staffing agency that has been serving Phoenix and Tucson for over 50 years, we aim to take any reservation or concern out of the application process and help connect you with the right job assignment as seamlessly as possible. In this blog post, we’ll lay out our thoughts on cover letters.

Is a Cover Letter Necessary?

Depending on the research you have already done on this topic, you may have noticed that there is some debate out there as to whether hiring managers and recruiters actually place value on the cover letter. Some statistics say that only a quarter of recruiters read cover letters and consider them important.

So, should you spend precious time on one? Our answer is yes, unless you are certain the employer or hiring manager does not require one. That means, even if there’s only a 25% chance your cover letter will be read, you attach one anyway. You never know if the person looking over your resume will consider a cover letter just as important at the resume, therefore take the time to include one!

Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter

  1. Take the time to write a well thought out and intentional cover letter. This may seem obvious, but don’t just write a cover letter for the sake of writing a cover letter. That would, in fact, be a waste of time.
  2. Do not summarize your resume. A cover letter is a place for you to tell the employer why you are specifically interested in working for them and how your skills align with the position.
  3. Research the employer and use keywords, not only from the job description, but from their overall company goals and culture.
  4. Be Clear about what you have to offer. It can be easy to ramble about ourselves, telling anecdotes about our successes and fluffing up a cover letter with skills and experiences that don’t feel relevant to the job. Stick to qualities that are relevant to that task at hand.
  5. Prove that you’re qualified. Employers spend a lot on hiring costs and training. Especially when it comes to a seasonal or temporary position, show how they won’t need to spend as much time and energy training you.
  6. Proofread! A careless grammatical error or spelling mistake in the cover letter will not bode well for what your resume has to offer and will likely result in the trash.
  7. Show enthusiasm and end the letter with them wanting more. Try one of these phrases from an article on glassdoor about how to close your cover letter and land the interview.

Find a Job in Phoenix or Tucson Today!

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Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash (12/7/2018)