Looking for temporary work assignments through an established staffing agency can hold a lot of value for both you, the temp, as well as for the client companies you’re assigned to. As the temp, you have the opportunity to explore a new industry or develop a variety of skills with a high-quality company that we’ve put our stamp of approval on. And the client company, they get a vetted and hand-picked candidate to fill a seasonal or temporary position. At Allstaff Services, Inc., our 55-plus years of building relationships with businesses in Phoenix has created a strong reputation for our temp associates and we have some recommendations that can make you exactly what any client company is seeking!

Impress The Client Company by…

  • Being easy to train and taking your work seriously. This should go without saying, but arriving on time, making a good first impression, dressing appropriately, demonstrating respect and consideration, and showing a positive attitude will go a long way toward gaining favor at your workplace! Be eager to learn, know whom you can go to for help, ask good questions, and then go to work!
  • Learning the company culture. Every company has a certain environment they are seeking to create within their four walls—their company culture. Understanding your assigned company’s values and how they apply them in daily operations will help you relate and fit in well.
  • Building rapport and respecting boundaries of familiarity. You may enter the job hoping to instantly feel like you’re making a significant contribution to the company as part of the team. But growing your influence takes time, and the reality of your position is as a temporary or seasonal employee. One of the best ways to make an impact is by not passing judgment on company practices, employees, management, or clients’ processes. Instead, purpose to be a friendly and helpful presence in the office.
  • Being flexible and adaptable. Change is the nature of temporary work, so the more easily you can adjust to each expectation, the better. Cooperation and flexibility will make your skills a valuable addition to the atmosphere and culture of the company.

Partner Well with The Staffing Service by…

  • Staying in touch. As your placement agency, Allstaff Services, Inc. expects you to keep us updated on the progress of your assignment. We prefer not to be caught off guard if there is something we should be made aware of pertaining to your work.
  • Providing insight. You may be a temp associate for a company we’ve known for years, but you have the inside day-to-day experience with that company that we lack. We value when you, our associate, provide us with information that can lead to better placements for future representatives.
  • Being a professional representative. When you carry yourself with dignity, respect, and professionalism, it benefits you immensely and reflects well on us. You are the face of our company. And you never know, if you take your job seriously, you could turn into a permanent employee.

Whether you see your temporary work in Phoenix as an opportunity to develop new skills or stay up-to-date with old skills; expand your network; or simply earn a paycheck—if you follow these tips you can earn yourself a great recommendation for your next temp or permanent job. At Allstaff Services, Inc, we’ve been in the staffing business for over five decades. And we’re passionate about providing excellent services to both our temp associates and client companies. Contact us today if you are looking for temporary work!


Photo by Studio Republic on Unsplash (8/7/2018)