At Allstaff Services, Inc., serving Phoenix and Tucson, we know that when hiring, a company looks for candidates who have high communication skills. In our last blog, we covered how employers and direct supervisors can lead in cultivating an environment where communication and feedback are open and valued. In this post, we will discuss how the employee can contribute to successful communication in the workplace.

  1. Develop Self-Awareness. This one may seem glaringly obvious, but in our experience as a staffing company in both the Metro-Phoenix and Tucson areas, many potential candidates are unaware of how they communicate. Do you know your preferred communication style and its strengths and pitfalls? From basic day-to-day communication between your team members and direct supervisor to more challenging scenarios like intra-office conflict, knowing your preferred communication style, and also understanding how others communicate, are valuable skills. Possessing them will make you a stand-out candidate.
  2. Ask for feedback or help. Welcoming criticism or critique can be scary. But without helpful feedback on your performance, you won’t grow to reach your potential. When you take the initiative as an employee to ask your boss for feedback or help, you show them you’re invested in your work, and you demonstrate you’re looking to constantly improve. You are also taking one thing off of your boss’s plate that they don’t need to initiate. They’ll be grateful you asked.
  3. Keep complaining and office gossip to a minimum. One sure way to degrade communication and morale in the workplace is to participate in or initiate office gossip and complaining. We’ve all had that awful boss or pain-in-the-neck colleague that makes work stressful. While it can be acceptable to clear your chest once you’ve left the office, we highly recommend keeping your opinions to yourself while at work. When your co-workers, or even your boss, observe you talking negatively about someone or something in the office, your integrity will suffer, and favor will be lost. Instead, be the person who offers solutions and optimism in the workplace. Your positive attitude will be a breath of fresh air and make you well-liked by both your colleagues and boss.

At Allstaff Services, Inc., we believe business should be approached with Passion, Integrity, and Commitment and so should the way we communicate! We’ve been tirelessly serving businesses in Phoenix and Tucson for over 55 years. When you choose All Staff Services Inc. to find your next hire or your next job, our commitment is to your success.


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst  (3/21/2018)