Retaining employees can be harder than it seems. Many companies struggle with finding the right strategies in order to ensure high employee retention. While employee retention might seem like a daunting task, there are some proven ways to help employers. One proven method includes regularly communicating and affirming the value of an employee to the business. Showing that an employee is valued goes beyond just saying that you, personally, value them. People want to know and feel that what they are doing is making an actual difference to the business. As an employment agency serving Tucson, we understand the value and the difficulties of employee retention. With that in mind, here are some tips to helping your employees feel valued:


– Explain their purpose in the company. What specifically can’t be done without them? How are they contributing to the larger overall goal? Express to your employee why they are needed within your team. When you’ve inspired them by showing them your goals, plans, perceived outcomes, and how they are a part of that, they’ll want to come to work for more than just a paycheck.

– Listen to their feedback. Are they allowed to have a voice about their work, their overall project, or any other aspect in the company that they might be involved in? Allowing a team member to provide feedback about their position, how they’ve been managed, or their thoughts on a different matter (and taking their feedback into actual consideration) shows them, by action, that you really do care about what they think.

– Do you trust your employees? If you do, how are you showing it? Trust develops over time, of course, so as you begin to trust your staff more allow them more self-autonomy and other freedoms. Giving them short term and long term goals, which they are allowed to meet on their own, can help provide motivation and a sense of trust.

– Build relationships. Let your work environment be like working with friends. Encourage camaraderie. A healthy environment encourages healthy attitudes towards the company and between team members. Allow synergy to grow between your team members. This will increase overall happiness, motivation, and productivity.

– And don’t forget to simply thank them for their continuing efforts from time to time. It goes a long way!


In summary, take the time to ask yourself, what do my employees need from me? And (as opposed to need) what do they want? Putting in the hard work now to answer these questions will save you from much more stress and problems from arising later on. Having over 55 years of experience as an employment agency in Tucson, Arizona has shown us that no one wants to go to work just to pay the bills. We want to have a job that fulfills us. A job that has us excited to get up in the morning. We hope we have inspired you today. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your staffing needs!