Everyone knows what it feels like to be the “new person” at the office. Typicals thoughts going through a new hire’s mind can be: “Will I get along with anyone?” and “Am I going to enjoy working here?” It can be uncomfortable and scary to adjust to a new working environment. That is why we have used our experience as an employment agency in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale to create some tips in order to help you make your new candidates feel at home in their new workplace:


  • Celebrate them! Let them know that you’re glad they’re here and consider even having a small gift waiting for them when they arrive on their first day. It’s these kind of gestures that can make them feel welcome.
  • Describe why your business has value. What areas do you excel at over your competition? How are you helping others (i.e. what is the value of your service)? Make sure to also let your new team member know how they play a part in all of that, as well. It is harder to be motivated to work when you don’t know why you are doing it.
  • Give them milestones. Setting up short-term goals can help to inspire new recruits in their work now and motivate them further when they achieve those goals. These are more meant to be healthy challenges as opposed to strict standards that must be upheld, or else.
  • Let them work in a safe environment to fail. The last point can seem stressful if the new hire feels like they are being pressured to perform. To counteract that, let them know that you understand they are still learning and adjusting to their new environment and that you’re here to help them through any struggles they may face. In other words, it is ok to fail! Trial and error is one way to learn, after all.
  • Give them a mentor. Having someone to personally look after them can help a new employee feel supported and it will help relieve stress. A mentor can help guide them and keep them from making mistakes that they otherwise would have had to learn the hard way from. Having a mentor is a lot like having a soft cushion to land on.


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