Set a Schedule & Stick to it:

The most high performing business reps/employees plan out their day the night before. This lays out an exact plan of action that will enhance your to-do’s and maximize daily operations. Knowing what you are going to focus on throughout the day increase your confidence & ability to accomplish deliverables. Morning routines also have been linked to more productive days. What are you doing for the 1st hour when you wake up? Are you going straight to social media? Creating strong morning habits & rituals set the expectations for the rest of your day

Keep a dedicated workspace:

Having a designated workspace is crucial to “getting in the zone”.  Dedicate a desk and some peripherals only for work use. For example, when your laptop is hooked up to the monitor and external keyboard, it’s work time. When it’s on your lap, that’s personal time. You may want to go as far as partitioning your hard drive and creating a separate user account for work. The objective is to maximize your ability to perform and get the job done.

Limit distractions:

think we can agree that we are all guilty of this one from time to time. Social media can be a giant time-suck if you aren’t careful.

That is more time than most people spend sleeping or working! Furthermore, many mobile apps now reveal to users how much time they spend in each one. This is eye-opening, especially for casual social media users.

Get familiar with your company’s social media guidelines. They might even want you to engage in their approved channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

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