For many people, temporary work can be the right employment option. It can fill in the gap between one full-time job and the next. Temp work is also a great way to try out a new industry or pick up some new skills. Some people even enjoy the temp lifestyle as their career preference. Regardless of the motives for working as a temp, Allstaff Services, Inc. (serving Phoenix, AZ) has some suggestions about how to reference this work on your resume—and do so confidently!

List it Proudly

Depending on how you feel about your temp work experiences, when creating a resume you may be hesitant to include those temporary jobs on your jobs listing. But the job market has been tough on everyone, and it’s likely your future employee will understand. If you only have one or two temp experiences, label them as such within the listing of your other jobs. Alternatively, if you’ve held several temp positions, consider making a separate section for your temp work.

Reference Your Employer Properly

A common error people make when referencing temp work on their resume is to write down the wrong employer. You may think that because your assignment was with XYZ Company, they were your employer. But it’s actually the recruitment agency who is your employer, so they should always be listed first before including the details about your assignment.

Mention Your Roles and Highlight Your Achievements

Here is where listing your temp work experience can vary slightly from listing a permanent position. Under the name of your recruitment agency, write a few sentences explaining the agency’s areas of expertise. You may have worked in a number of temp jobs for various client companies through this agency, or it’s possible you worked in only one temporary job position. Following your comments about the staffing agency, then name the client company (or companies) you worked for, and list the role(s) you held, and your main duties in those roles.

Ultimately, whether you actively sought temp work or simply took a temporary position while you were looking for a more permanent solution, you should feel proud of your work experience. Knowing how to list your experience and presenting that experience with confidence is key when applying for jobs. Never be apologetic. Instead, discuss the valuable skills you learned and the knowledge you gained.

If you’re looking for temp work in Phoenix, Allstaff Services, Inc. is a staffing company in the Phoenix area with more than five decades of experience that you can trust. And you’ll be glad to know we offer our temp associates weekly paychecks and a strong benefits package, so you can have peace of mind in every season of life.


Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst (8/14/2018)