Interviewing can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Preparing yourself ahead of time can help alleviate the stress that comes from the uncertainty of how you might perform in an interview. As a Scottsdale employment agency, we decided to use our experience in staffing to create a few tips to help you out in an interview:


Research the company. If this seems unimportant, that’s a bad sign. Many people go into an interview to just “get a job”. They don’t really care about the people who may provide for them. If you owned your own business, would you want someone like that to work for you? Of course, everyone does need a job, but we can put more heart into it than that. Show your interviewers that you care. Get to know who founded the company, the company’s mission statement, what they do, and have questions. Which brings us to the next point.


Have your own questions. While you will certainly be asked questions, you should also have your own. This is not a time to be nonchalant. You’ll want to ask about things such as compensation and benefits but go deeper than that. What is the heart of the company like? What is the office environment like? Remember, they are trying to see if you are a good match for them. A lof of the time, just showing that you have initiative, that you care, and that you are willing to go the extra mile will put you ahead of many other candidates. You’ll want to ask questions related to the position you applied for, as well.


Be prepared to answer questions. As mentioned above, you will be asked questions. In order to present yourself as professionally as possible, it is good to prepare yourself with some answers to possible questions. There are some common questions that you can find in most interviews. Some will have to do with you personally (your goals, personality, hobbies, etc.) and some more about the position you are applying for. For instance, they may ask how you would handle a bad situation (i.e. an angry client). Also, be prepared to be asked about their company (another reason to research them).


Also, bring a resume. Even if they already have one, bring your own copy and offer it up at the beginning of the interview. Setting yourself up as a go-getter can get you ahead of your competition. If applicable and you could bring a portfolio, do it every time.


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