The end of the year is quickly approaching, and that means companies are beginning to think about annual performance reviews for their employees. Reviews could feel stressful and awkward for you as an employee. You might find yourself shying away from these kinds of conversations—or worse, leaving your review and brooding. But a review can be a positive stepping-stone, rather than a stone that makes you stumble. As a work agency that helps place qualified candidates with a variety of companies in Phoenix and Tucson, Allstaff Services, Inc. would like to discuss why and how receiving feedback well can make you the recruit every business wants to hire.

1. It Unlocks Great Potential

We are not always aware of our weaknesses and strengths. Developing this awareness takes time and is never fully complete. Instead of being afraid of what you might find during a performance review or a feedback session, look at it through a positive lens. The information you receive is an opportunity to develop areas of your work performance and interpersonal skills that can literally take you to the next level. Learn to be a person who takes both the positive and negative and turns it into a gateway for self-reflection and change.

2. It Clarifies Expectations

When we receive feedback, it can help us know whether or not we’re on the right track. Regularly scheduled feedback appointments, including the annual review, serve to keep you focused, intentional, and updated on any goals or objectives that have changed for the company or department. Whether there are areas of improvement or it’s all accolades, knowing where you stand with your direct manager can put your mind at ease and increase productivity.

3. It Builds Confidence

If feedback is constructive, both positive and negative feedback will enable you to grow. It goes without saying that getting praise for a job well-done or that nod of approval from the boss will add to your sense of belonging and your drive to perform well. But a well-thought-out constructive comment (negative or positive) that is backed with belief and shared to make you a better worker and leader overall can also help you see that the people around you care about your growth and are committed to your success.

Receiving insightful feedback from managers, co-workers, and even clients can feel nerve-wracking. But think of it as a muscle that you flex: with time it strengthens and the process becomes easier and more natural. Developing this skill could take you to places you’ve wanted to reach in your career. So what’s our advice as a work agency that’s been in the business for over five decades? Be proactive! Put your courageous hat on and regularly ask for feedback in the workplace. And if you’re looking for work in Phoenix or Tucson, let us help find the right job for you.