You might have had plenty of experience with interviewing, but even the best can blow an interview with the smallest mistake. If you don’t do proper research and put in the time before the interview, your unpreparedness could easily make the wrong impression. The following are 6 areas you should research before your interview

Company Mission and Vision
A company’s mission statement and vision is the first sign as to whether or not you’ll fit into their company culture. If they do line up with your values, you’ll be able to talk about that fact in the interview which will help them to see why you are a good fit for the position.

Company History
Reading about the company’s history and how they built their brand will help you to form insightful questions to ask the hiring manager during the interview.

Product and Services
Learn as much as you can about the company’s product and services. In the interview you’ll be able to describe how they interest you and how you can bring value to their company if they hire you.

Company News and Press Releases
Find out what’s been happening in the company and in the surrounding community. This information will give you another opportunity to ask questions during the interview and to highlight how you might fit into the company culture.

Company Goals and Projects
Learning what the company has on the horizon is another great opportunity to share your skills and expertise during the interview You can describe how what you bring to the table will match up with the goals of the company and how you can contribute to their success.

Company Leaders and Other Stakeholders
Research the website for the company leaders. These are the people who create the mission and the vision. Because they create the vision, they create the culture, which is very important to you, as a potential employee.

During the interview, one or more of these leaders names may come up in conversation or you many be asked to meet with them. How much more impressed would the hiring manager be if you happened to mention that you both attended the same university or that you both skydive as a hobby? You may not have known that little fact had you not done your due diligence.

These 6 area’s to research are a must, to be properly prepared for your interview.