Ask any good business man or woman, and they’ll tell you that planning for the future is an essential key to success. As 2018 comes to a closeat what seems like warp speedAllstaff Services, Inc. (serving Phoenix and Tucson) is doing just that. We did a little research on forecasted workplace trends for 2019 and here is what we see coming around the bend.  

1. Employee Development

Training for Soft Skills is a Must!

According to a study done by LinkedIn, “Talent developers, executives and people managers agree that training for soft skills is the top priority for talent development teams.” Of course hard skills will always be valuable, but soft skills, which can be harder to learn, are worth your investment.

Nanodegrees – the Degree of the Future

The pace at which technology is advancing means that your employees will need continued skill refreshers in order to stay relevant, particularly in the tech industry. That’s where nanodegrees come in. A nanodegree institute called Udacity offers programs in business, data science, programming and artificial intelligence that can be completed in 6-12 months! You may see an increase of job applicants with these kinds of credentials, and they should be taken seriously as an option for continuing education.  

2. Technological Advancements

Implementing Virtual Desktops

With more and more companies offering flexibility for their employees to work remotely, virtual desktops are an essential tool to streamlining productivity and increased security. Virtual desktops use a remote server to run software and store information, and can be accessed from any client device. All your employees need to work is an internet connection from any device, anywhere.

Cloud Solutions Save You Time and Money

Gone are the days when companies needed to develop their own software. In today’s business world it’s just too expensive and time consuming to sustain! With cloud servers and solutions, you no longer need to continuously update and refresh programs; someone else is already doing the hard work to maintain and improve them. Whether it’s a point-of-sale system or a customer relationship management tool, you can find what your company needs in a cloud solution.

Perhaps you’ve already implemented one or more of these workplace trends. If so, you’re ahead of the curve! But when it comes to this new year’s staffing solutions for your Phoenix or Tucson-based company, look no further than Allstaff Services, Inc. We approach our business with passion, integrity and commitment. You can trust us to find you a fully vetted and qualified employee!