It seems these days no matter then industry, a lot of employers talk about ‘talent retention”.  You may be offering competitive pay, flexible hours and a great benefits package; but still can have issues with high turn over. In our experience working in the employment services industry for over 55 years, we tend to see higher turnover with companies that are constantly worrying about ‘talent retention.”  In companies that don’t have high turn over, we see that they are focusing on providing a better environment for their employees. After all, your employees are directly linked to you success as a business.

Building a company and environment where people want to work is much easier to do than it seems. Things as simple as making your workers feel trusted, valued, and giving them more freedoms goes a long way in keeping them happy.

We understand that trusting a new employee can be difficult, but we have found that many companies have very strict hiring processed and procedures – and then continue to have all kind of hoops for your employees to jump through to maintain employment.  If you trust your hiring managers, or your own judgement when it comes to hiring, that worry should not be there. We feel that once we have spent the time and effort vetting and screening an employee before we offer them employment, they deserve some trust on our end. Giving them the training and tools they need to perform their job and then allowing  them to do their work.

In our industry our office is typically open 8-5 Monday- Friday, but allowing our employees to adjust their schedule by coming in an hour earlier or staying an hour later, they are usually more productive than if they are forced with a strict start time everyday. It can really reduce the stress of getting the kids off to school, getting home to make dinner, or even just catch up on some emails while the office is quiet. Allowing employees to do some work from home when they are sick and there is something they absolutely need to take care of that day, helps them feel trusted, and less stressed so they can focus on getting better, rather than coming in o the office when they look and feel miserable.  ( Lets be honest- no one wants to work with an infected flu monster anyway.)

Allowing employees to give their input and suggestions and then acting on them makes a positive impact with establishing loyalty.  Many companies say that they want to hear suggestions and will make changes, have no action plan and end up not taking things into consideration unless they come from a  c-level executive. At our office, if an employee makes a suggestion – (Provided it does not have a high upfront cost) we let them try it out and keep us updated on how it is working out. If it is something that will take a bit of money to get up and running we ask them to tell show us the projected ROI- and what benefits it offers over the more traditional method (If there is one). If it makes sense and has a noticeable difference, we start letting other employees try it out as well.  

Having an open door policy for workers to talk about work related things – positive or not – without fear of loosing their job is beneficial. An employee may be frustrated about a heavy workload- or long hours – but a supervisor or coworker may have a solution to make things run more smoothly. Communication is the key to things working out well. Unfortunately most people aren’t very good at communicating exactly what is bothering them. Having an open forum or safe zone, where they can bounce ideas off of or vent with a coworker or supervisor can help them figure out exactly what the problem is and come up with a viable solution. We find that this help keep people happier instead of frustrated and miserable having to come to work every day.

Lastly, having the same rules and guidelines for everyone throughout the company keeps people from feeling like there is special treatment. (Which does have a tendency to happen, whether you want it to or not.) It will also help keep people from abusing the rules and system- knowing that everyone knows and follows the same rules and will notice if you are doing something outside of the norm subconsciously keeps people more honest.

No company or environment is the same, and making changes can take some time, especially if the company is established and has been around for years. In our case, Allstaff Services, Inc has been serving the Phoenix Valley for over 55 years – and it did take some time to implement some new procedures. Being open with our employees throughout the process showed them that we are trying to be current with the fast pace of todays society and provide a modern environment for our associates, as we do care about and value each and every one of them.