As they say, first impressions are important. Job listings are a good example of this as they are likely a candidate’s first impression of you and your company. Therefore, it is a good investment of your time to make sure your listing is presented professionally. That is why we have created some tips using our experience as a Tempe staffing agency that we think can give you an edge in your job listings.


Show Unique Perks: Does your company have its own little celebrations or quirks? If not, you may want to start some! These can be window into your culture and attitude. It could be something as small as complimentary doughnuts every Wednesday. Many listings do not mention perks so be sure to include yours!


Use traditional titles: You may have a more unique name for the job title within your company but, in your posting, you’ll want to go by the name everyone knows. For example, what are candidates most likely to search for? Graphic Artist or Imagineer? You can, of course, mention your unique name in the job description.


Organize: Make sure each section of your job listing is visually organized. Candidates are likely applying for many positions so helping them navigate through your listing will increase the odds of receiving an application. You don’t want job responsibilities mixed into your company’s description.


Double Check: Make sure to proofread your postings. You want your posting to reflect your company. Typos and literary errancies can be a big turn-off!


Use Easy Apply: Applying for jobs is a full-time job in itself. Applicants love to take advantage of one-click-apply type of features. If this method fits in with your company, you’re sure to receive more candidates. Of course, you’ll also have to beware of people who mass-apply without looking at if they are qualified or not.


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