Phone interviews have become a preliminary step in the interview process. Many of the employers we work with in the Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tucson, Az areas all start the hiring process with a telephone interview. While they may be less formal than a typical interview, many applicants still find them quite stressful. Here at Allstaff Services Inc, we want to help relieve that stress and help candidates hit a homerun with your telephone interviews. With that being said, here are a few tips to help you nail your phone interview.

1. Dress up

While the interviewer may not be able to see you during a telephone interview, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress accordingly. Just like how proper posture can help keep one alert and focused, proper business attire can help you carry a professional demeanor and put yourself in the right mindset. Plus, if you have an interview in pajamas you’ll probably feel like something is “off” and it may distract you during those crucial moments of conversation.

2. Focus on your vocal communication

Remember, 90% of communication is nonverbal. But, as this is a telephone interview, that entire 90% is going to be nearly, if not completely, useless. With that being said, just keep in mind that how you speak will be a large part of your first impression. Your attitude and demeanor will not be as easy to show as it would be in-person. And you may find that you need to be clearer than normal in what you’re saying in order to properly communicate what you are trying to get across.

3. Create space for the interview

As with any interview, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t interrupted during your call. You may likely be at home during a phone interview, so make sure you are in a calm room to settle down in. Close the door and notify anyone else in your home that you’ll be unavailable for a set time. If the interviewer hears a hectic house coming through your phone, they may attribute that to how you handle yourself professionally.

Allstaff has been in the Employment Services Industry, serving Phoenix and Tucson, for over 55 years now, and we love helping potential candidates prepare for this crucial part of the interview process. If that strikes a chord with you, we would love to consider working with you. Please go here to view our current openings.