All Staff Services, Inc. is a recruitment agency serving the Phoenix metropolitan area. We believe all business should be approached with passion, integrity, and commitment. Passion feeds our need to exceed all expectations and commitments. We believe in connecting business with employees that match each other’s needs. With that in mind for businesses, here are some exemplary qualities to look for when hiring new employees.


Long-term potential

Losing a member of the team can be like losing a friend. After all, you’ve been building a relationship with that individual while you were working together. Those who plan to have long term commitments are more likely to really invest and apply themselves to their work environment. Not to mention that time spent looking for new recruits costs a good amount of time and money.



A potential employee with timely responses shows that they really value and respect your time. It also shows dedication as they are willing to put in extra effort to make your day easier. And who doesn’t appreciate a quick response?


Compliment the Team

We all want our teams to get along, have great synergy, and inspire each other. However, finding the right people to compliment to your own team is not an exact science. When thinking about who to bring on to your workplace think about the weaknesses of your team. Is the new candidate going to fill or at least help fill that void?


As a recruitment agency serving the Phoenix metropolitan area, we understand the work that goes into bringing on new team members and we are here to make that process as easy as possible for you. Contact us today!