The age-old saying that there is a season to everything is true of the jobs industry as well. When it comes to recruitment cycles, seasonal and temp jobs may vary slightly from permanent jobs, but there are overall trends that indicate when companies prefer to do their hiring and onboarding. If you are looking for a job in Phoenix or Tucson, here are a few tips!


We’ll break winter into two sections: November through December, and January through February. November and December are going to be slow hiring months because it’s the very end of the fiscal year. If you are looking for a seasonal job, it might not be too late to apply, as November and December tend to have more seasonal positions available, but we recommend applying for seasonal positions in October.

But when it comes to the second half of the winter, January and February are a busy time for recruiting, particularly for full-time positions. With the new year comes updated budgets and sales forecasts, which give hiring managers an idea of whether they can take on new recruits. That could mean an ideal situation for those who are looking for jobs. But since it’s a well-known fact that there are more job opportunities, be aware that competition for those positions will also be more fierce.


There are several factors that play into the hiring market as we head into spring. Rolling into a new season (March, April, May), hiring tends to stay strong, and companies look to snap up new college grads. Some of the best positions might have been taken in January or February, but as spring heads into summer, there is also more of an urgency to fill any unfilled positions. And, since summer is filled with time-off requests for regular employees, the temp sector sees an influx of job openings. That means, depending on the industry you’d like to work for, May can be a good time to look for temp/seasonal positions.  


Once summer arrives, recruitment slows dramatically. That’s not to say that you won’t find job openings, particularly for the seasonal job market, but It’s not an ideal time for job-hunting.  


Recruitment for full-time positions will pick up once the fall approaches. With employees returning from vacation and corporations bearing down to meet their final quarterly goals and use up their remaining budget, companies will be seeking to fill any vacant positions before the holiday season.

Looking for a Job in Phoenix or Tucson?

Perhaps you’re out of a permanent position and need something temporary while looking for a job in Phoenix or Tucson. Knowing these cycles can help you decide whether it would be beneficial to snag a temp job while seeking a more permanent solution. Or perhaps you prefer seasonal and temp work as a lifestyle. Allstaff Services, Inc. knows that when you need a job—you need a job—and although seasons may fluctuate, we’re a temp recruitment agency that can help you find a job any time the year. Call us today or check out our current job listings to find your next job in Phoenix or Tucson!


Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash (11/21/2018)