Take a moment to think about the skills or experiences you rely on in the workplace. Is it your education, or your mastery of a certain computer program, or perhaps your knowledge of certain aspects of your industry? For many, hard skills that can be proven or measured are the first to come to mind. But the skills that are actually in high demandoften because they are harder to come byare soft skills. As a staffing agency that has been serving metro-Phoenix and Tucson for 55+ years, Allstaff Services, Inc. would like to highlight the top six (well, really seven) soft skills that will help you succeed in the workplace. Some of these are more innate than others, but all require hard work to develop and sustain.

1. Effective Communication

Clear and mindful communication is one of the top skills you could possess in any job. If you lack it, you will find succeeding in the workplace and moving your career to the next level to be a challenge. In general, someone with superior communication skills has developed self-awareness, asks for feedback, listens to understand others, and uses their communication to build others up. Check out our blog post on effective employee communication to find out more on the subject.

2. Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflict in the workplace is the bane of everyone’s existence and can dramatically impede the productivity of a team. The number one key here is not to ignore conflict. It’s a natural occurrence in any relationship, and when approached delicately and constructively, the ability to resolve conflict will promote a healthy and collaborative workplace.

3. Adaptability

In the 21st century, companies are changing at the speed of light in order to stay relevant and compete in their industry. That means the ability to adapt to a dynamic environment and smoothly shift gears is crucial. Be an early adopter of change and meet new challenges with optimism and vision!

4. Creativity & Problem Solving

Along with adaptability, add creativity and problem solving. We linked these two together because they often go hand-in-hand. When something does not go as planned, you can either complain or take action. If you approach your boss with creative solutions instead of problems, you will be indispensable.

5. Empathy

Empathy—your ability to understand and share the feelings of another—is vital to any relationship. If you think of your workplace not only as a job to be accomplished, but also as a network of relationships between you, your co-workers, your bosses, and your clients, this skill will be immensely useful in helping you achieve cohesion, build rapport and respond with patience and tact, among other things.

6. Leadership

We’ve saved this one for last because if you work on developing the skills listed above, you are well on your way to being an excellent leader. What else makes a good leader? Someone who has confidence and a clear vision that others can get behind. Other ways to develop and enhance this skill would be to build optimism, respond with enthusiasm, be flexible, and cooperate.

As you can see, having an arsenal full of soft skills that will help you succeed in the workplace and get ahead is valuable. And if you happen to be looking for work in the metro-Phoenix or Tucson areas, check out our current job listings at Allstaff Services, Inc. We are here to help find the perfect job fit for you!


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash (10/28/2018)