A temporary job may be unfamiliar territory for most job-seekers out there. While temp jobs aren’t the right fit for everyone, they can be a great solution for others. If you currently can’t find work or aren’t sure how to get your foot in the door, you may want to consider looking at a temp job in your field. There are various reasons that working a temp job can be beneficial for you:


  • Make extra income while looking for a long term job. Sometimes a temp job can be a short-term solution to a (hopefully) short-term problem. When you’re expecting to be unemployed for longer than you’d like, you may consider finding a temp job to keep your finances afloat. You may also just want to add the income of a temp job to the one you already have, thereby providing more of a financial cushion for yourself.


  • Build resume and rapport. Working a temp job can give you more experience (maybe your first experience) in your field. This can make you more attractive to hiring companies. It is why a lot of students will work an internship while attending college. If you did well, then you now have a relevant contact who can give a good report about you.


  • Get a feel for the type of work. Working on a short-term basis can help you decide if that’s the route you want to take or if you’d rather not pursue that line of work. It can also help you get to know a company’s work environment and compare it to others.


  • May have opportunity to get a permanent position. These short-term positions can be used for the employer to get a feel for you (as well as you for them) and, if all goes well, you may be offered a permanent position. It’s almost like a longer version of an interview.


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