Are you aiming for your dream job but missing the target? Getting hired is a full-time job but not everyone realizes it. Competition can seem stifling and work opportunities can seem scarce. As an employment agency in Tempe, we understand the work that is necessary to land a job opportunity. Based on our experience, here are some valuable tips on how you can make yourself stand out from the competition:


  • Research the company. Get to know their goals, their work, and their CEO. The more knowledge you have, the better. The care you put into researching the company will reflect upon the care you’ll put into the job.


  • Dress up. Unless they specifically state otherwise, dressing more professionally than their typical day in the office will give you a more serious consideration.


  • Bring a portfolio (if applicable). If you are a creative, or if can bring examples of the work you do in some format, make sure you do! Don’t think you can get away with, “Well they’ve seen my work already and that is why I got the interview in the first place.” Always bring your work with you. If you walk in without anything to show them and the other candidate brings an impressive, laminated portfolio… Guess who’ll get the edge there.


  • Get interview coaching. Maybe you are someone who lands the interview but can’t quite seem to land the job. Getting coaching goes a long way. If the idea of getting coached on your interviewing skills is scary then that is all the more reason to do it! Make this part of the process a comfortable one!


Hopefully, these tips can help give you an edge in your field. Are you looking for work? We are an employment agency in Tempe, so utilize our services today to find a job that fits you!