Allstaff Services, Inc. is a talent recruitment agency that has been serving the Phoenix and Tucson Metro areas for over five decades. That experience has given us confidence in steering the hiring process between candidates and client companies. In our last blog post we discussed the primary roles of a recruiter. In this post, we will lay out what responsibilities are in the hands of the hiring manager and finish answering the question: what is the difference between a recruiter and a hiring manager?  

What Does a Hiring Manager Do?

When a position opens up at a company or more talent is needed, the hiring manager is the employee who is responsible for noticing this need and carrying out the process of seeing that the position is filled. Smaller companies will usually lay this entire process on the shoulders of one person. Larger companies might outsource some of the process and hire a recruitment agency. So what are the main responsibilities for a hiring manager?

  • Identify the staffing need and get approval from the department head to open a candidate search for the position.
  • Write a job description that will attract qualified and skilled candidates to the position. This includes an effort to market the job opening within the company and solicit internal referrals. If the hiring manager is partnering with a recruiter, at this point, they would work together to define job requirements and determine the qualifications of the ideal candidate.
  • Review incoming resumes and applications. A hiring manager works closely with HR through this process.
  • Act as the primary interviewer and manage the interview/hiring team.
  • Meet with the hiring team and HR to make a final decision on whom to hire for the position and how to compensate them.
  • Determine the start date for the newly hired employee and organize onboarding and training for them.

At the end of the day, it’s the hiring manager’s responsibility to fill an open position. From identifying the initial need to setting up training for the new hire, the hiring manager plays a versatile and multi-faceted role. They are required to work closely with both the recruiter and HR in order to successfully accomplish their goal.

The heavy burden of the hiring manager is alleviated to some degree when they work with a recruiter. That’s because, as we saw in our previous post, it’s a recruiter’s job to send fully vetted and qualified candidates to a hiring manager, which dramatically narrows their search. And at times, a recruiter will also assist with the onboarding process and ensure that things run smoothly as the new employee transitions.

If you are looking for a recruiter in the Phoenix or Tucson Metro areas, give us a call. During our 55+ years in the industry, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of companies fill temporary and direct hire positions. And if you’re looking for a job, check out our current job listings.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash (1/31/2019)