Nailing a job interview should be an achievable goal for everyone. It may seem like a daunting task to some. Maybe the introverts out there have a hard time picturing success in this area. But they may be surprised as to what the job interviewers are actually looking for. Here at Allstaff Services Inc, we want to help relieve the stress and worry that comes from the job interview process. That is why we are sharing a couple of very important factors hiring managers look for during an interview.

1. Do they fit in?

This may seem like one of the more obscure traits to prepare for. After all, how do you prepare to “fit in” before you’ve actually been to the company or met the interviewer? Well, one thing you could do is research beforehand. Getting a feel for the company is much more accessible nowadays since most have their own website. Whether or not you fit in will definitely be subjective to the company and the person interviewing you but don’t be afraid to just be yourself. If you have a healthy attitude, a go-getter mentality, and genuine interest in the company/field you are applying to, you will likely “fit in” to most of the places you apply to.

2. Can they do the work?

This one may seem more obvious but you may be surprised at how you can take advantage of this over other candidates. How deeply do you know the workflow of the company you are applying to? How does your position interact with the other departments in the company? If you can communicate that you not only qualify for the position (like probably most of the other candidates) but also understand the ins-and-outs of the everyday workflow, you will put yourself a step ahead of the other candidates. If you demonstrate that you are mindful of the team and not only yourself, you won’t have to rely purely on your personality to differentiate yourself from others who are just as qualified as you or more.

Both of these points can be achieved through a healthy mentality and work-ethic. Be the person who is always prepared for the interview by being passionate about your work. If you are passionate, you will be interested and that will help you fit in. Passion will also help you to discover more about the ins-and-outs of the entire work process that your position fits within. We have been in the Employment Services Industry for over 55 years now, and always have and will encourage our employees and applicants to find passion in what they do. If this is something you agree with, we would love to consider having you join our team. Please go here to view our current openings.