Job hunting can be a stressful and emotional process. You’ve put a ton of time and effort into sorting through job listings, tailoring and perfecting your resume for each position, filling out application forms, and following up with hiring managers.

When this process ends with a job in the bag, all of the hard work pays off. But what happens when your job search stalls or you hit a dead end? How do you stay motivated and continue to press through the discouragement?

As an employment agency serving Phoenix and Tucson, we’ve heard from many exasperated candidates about how challenging it can be when you continue to come up empty in the job search department.

Here are a few of our expert job search tips for when your momentum begins to slow:

1. Take a Deep Breath

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, the first thing we want to do is put your mind at ease: you are not alone. A vast majority of Americans can relate to this struggle. Take a few deep breaths when you begin to feel overwhelmed or discouraged. Find a place of internal equanimity, and move forward from there.

2. Review Your Career Goals

A successful job search that culminates in a great job fit starts with your career goals and objectives. Are your goals realistic and targeted enough, or could you benefit from starting at the beginning and reflecting on your experience, on what you want, and on your personal brand? If your job search stalls, reflecting in this way will help you decide what information to highlight on your resume, how to prioritize your networking activities, and how to position your experience when you’re pitching your skills to prospective employers.

3. Make Sure Your Message Resonates

The number one thing companies want to know is, “What can you do for me?” When you’re tweaking your resume or writing a cover letter, use language that is relevant to the position you’re applying for. Make sure to clearly articulate your accomplishments and achievements from your previous jobs and how they uniquely qualify you for this position. Think beyond written communication as well. Get feedback on every step of the process: resume, cover letter, phone calls, and in-person interviews.

4. Continue to Work Your Network

Even if you’re a natural, networking takes an intentional effort during on and off seasons. That’s the brilliance behind Linkedin; it allows individuals to make new connections and stay connected while they’re employed and while they’re job hunting. (Learn how to maximize your Linkedin profile here.)

Networking in this day and age still happens offline as well. Find people who work for the company you’re targeting; a friend, former colleague, fellow alumnus, or friend-of-a-friend—and request an informational interview. These meetings can help you position yourself in an optimal way to get hired and can result in an employee referral as well!

5. Contact an Employment Agency

Some companies have their own internal recruiters, but many rely—at least in part—on external recruiting strategies. That means if your job search has stalled and you haven’t tried a recruitment agency yet, you should get on the wagon!

Let our team at AllStaff Services Inc. take some of the weight and pressure off your shoulders. Our passion is connecting highly qualified candidates with the right companies and positions. Check out our current job listings or give us a call today!


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay(6/18/2019)