There could be a number of reasons for why you’re considering working with a temp agency. But if you’ve never found temporary work through a staffing company, you may be wondering how exactly the process will go and what to expect. As a recruitment agency that has served Phoenix and Tucson for over five decades, Allstaff Services, Inc. would like to help you understand and be prepared with everything you need to know as you contact us and take steps toward temporary work.


  1. First of all, we recommend you check out our current job listings to see if one of these openings would be a good fit for you. Some people are looking for a particular type of work, while others simply need a job. Whether or not you know exactly what kind of position you’d like, we are here to help find the perfect fit.


  1. Next, you’ll contact us to set up an interview. When you come to the interview, be sure to dress for the job you want, bring your resume—if you have one—and be honest with your answers rather than exaggerating your skills or strengths. We are on your side and will do our best to find you a job that works for you. Being honest about your work experiences and your preferences makes it much easier for us to find the right assignment and the best work environment for you—the first time around.


  1. During your interview, you may be asked to complete specific tests to assess your skill level for the type of work you perform. This can range from a general Microsoft Office skills test to something a little more in-depth, depending on the field and position. The reason temp agencies utilize skills testing is so they can guarantee, to the best of their ability, that they are recruiting a qualified candidate for their client companies.


  1. Lastly, if we have a current job opening that fits your experience level, we may hire you immediately. If not, we will keep your resume on hand and call you when a position comes up that we think could be the right job for you. Alternatively, you can keep your eye on our job listings and call us from time to time to check for available jobs.


If you had any hesitations beforehand, now you’re fully equipped to get in the game! If you live in Phoenix or Tucson and you’re interested in working with a temp agency, call Allstaff Services, Inc. today and set up an interview! Why wait?


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash (9/21/2018)