Companies worldwide cut a record number of jobs in 2020 as the Covid pandemic swamped countries like a wave. As a result, nearly 10 million Americans were unemployed as of March 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But since then, a hiring spree has seen companies and businesses bring on new talent. Recent data also suggests that many people sheltered in their jobs during the pandemic. Some of them may now be willing to make a move.

With increased vaccines among the general public, businesses are seeing a more stable 2021 and welcoming back more workers. According to LinkedIn News, T-Mobile has more than 5,000 positions open. At the same time, both Fidelity and Verizon say they plan to hire thousands of people this year.

Those who may be interested in new opportunities may be asking, “What does it take to land a job?” The answer lies in finding out what companies are looking for in prospective employees.

According to LinkedIn News, people with an eagerness to learn and grow top the list of things hiring managers are looking for. For example, Lockheed Martin said “a growth mindset” is one of the keys they look for. “We have changed how, where, and when we work as we solve the world’s toughest problems,” a company spokesman said. “We are seeking people who desire to share their talent and learn from others as we continue to learn and grow together.”

Several companies, including the largest tech giants, say it is important for prospective employees to believe in its mission. For example, Facebook says it is looking for people who believe in what the company is doing. However, it also wants employees who bring new perspectives. “We can’t build products for the world unless our teams are rich in cognitive diversity, we hire highly-qualified people from underrepresented groups of people. This helps us benefit from each other’s vast variety of experiences and perspectives and offer products and services truly designed for all,” a company spokesman told LinkedIn News.

Amazon is even more direct about what they are looking for. During the hiring process, the company tells potential employees what they expect by outlining it in their Leadership Principles. “Oftentimes I tell people that the cheat sheet to getting hired at Amazon is to really understand our Leadership Principles,” says Amazon Senior Vice President of Human Resources Beth Galetti.

Buying into a company’s corporate philosophy is good, but of course, businesses also want to make sure the people they’re hiring can do the job. Many companies say they look at a person’s relevant hard skills and their knowledge about specific jobs. A candidate vying for an engineering role, for example, must know the appropriate coding language.

Finally, some top companies, such as Oracle and Cisco, look for a sense of curiosity in their candidates. Curious employees, they say, are crucial in a company’s ability to accommodate new realities. That trait is even more important since the start of the Covid pandemic, which forced companies to embrace creative ways to manage their workforce and solve business challenges.