The unemployment rate continues to decrease but the industry workload continues to grow. Finding the right employees to fill your company’s workload has never been more difficult. The talent landscape has transformed in the last decade. Gone are the days when you could post a listing on a job board and wait for the top candidates to beat down your door. The rules of the talent game have fundamentally changed. Now, rather than waiting for the best talent to show up in your inbox, you need to reach out and actively connect with the people who could make an impact on your organization. In other words, we all need to get proactive when it comes to talent acquisition.

We live in a skills-short market and dwindling responses to traditional job listings have left some employers feeling the pinch. But the truth is that the best candidates haven’t disappeared. They are still there, waiting for the right opportunity to come to them. No one’s looking but everyone’s open to a new opportunity.

Research supports this evolving talent trend. A recent study found that 51% of workers were open to a new role despite being satisfied in their current position. With less than half of all qualified candidates now coming from traditional jobs boards and a rising number of passive candidates, it seems it’s time to change our approach to recruitment. In this changing job market.

The Talent Challenge

 How is this effecting your organization?

Filling a role involves a great deal more resources than it has in the past. Talent acquisition teams must go beyond posting a role online, instead actively engaging in a talent search. By not finding the right candidate for your organization it slows down production and hinders your other employees’ performance. This could get expensive and frustrating. The good news’s you’re not alone. Thousands of companies are battling the talent challenge. We’ve come up with some solutions to eliminate this issue.

 Utilize an External provider

By outsourcing the whole recruitment process to an external provider, you can tap into the skills of recruitment experts outside of your business, these experts have the skills to successfully utilize the passive candidate pool. This approach will help reduce recruitment costs and allow internal teams to focus on other aspects of the talent process, like on boarding. Getting the most out of an RPO means finding a provider who shares your values and is a good fit for your organization. This has been a solution for a lot of companies across the United States find top talent and save money

The way we connect with talent is changing. The way people think about their next role is evolving. Is your organization ready to face the challenge?