Ghosting, if aren’t familiar with the term, is a new slang word that can be used in many different contexts, from dating to the workplace. It simply means to cut off communication with someone without any advanced warning. Unfortunately, this practice has become commonplace in the employment sector across all industries. While employers are certainly not the only ones who are guilty—applicant ghosting is a big problem as well—today, we’d like to stand up for all the job candidates out there and discuss why employers need to stop ghosting their candidates

What is employer ghosting? 

Just to clarify, if you applied for a position and never heard from the recruiter, you weren’t ghosted. For any number of reasons, you simply weren’t considered for the position. Don’t feel negatively about this; it wasn’t the right fit for you. There’s another job out there, waiting for a person just like you! Perhaps we can help you find a job in the Metro-Phoenix or Tucson areas

Going back to the original definition of ghosting, the meaning implies there was communication at one point and the communication has ceased. If you’ve begun some kind of formal or informal interview process, whether by email, phone, or in-person, and then you don’t hear from the hiring manager or recruiter again—you’ve been ghosted. And it’s worth stating that ghosting can be a frustrating and painful experience, especially since you’ve probably reached out a number of times to receive feedback. 

Following any type of interview, a candidate will usually hear the words, “You’ll be hearing back from us in a few days.” Whereas this used to be a statement that could be relied upon, more and more, employers are not honoring their word. 

As a recruiting agency in Phoenix, we believe integrity is foundational for any business. And when candidates are left in the dark for days and weeks, waiting to hear back from a potential employer, it tarnishes the reputation of that business. 

Why has ghosting become such an issue? 

Several years ago when the unemployment rate was high, hiring managers and recruiters neglected to see the downside of ghosting their candidates. In 2018, and now in 2019, the unemployment rate is at an all-time low. But employers are still sticking to their bad habits, even though the tables have turned and employees have the advantage. 

It’s understandable that hiring managers are busy, but that does not excuse the harmful behavior of ghosting. As a recruitment agency, we work tirelessly to interview and compile a list of candidates for our employer clients. And we—and therefore the candidates we have vetted—have also been the victim of ghosting. It has to stop. 

We encourage all hiring managers and recruiters to treat candidates respectfully and professionally, and vice-versa. A simple ATS (applicant tracking system) is all that is necessary: something like an email that generically communicates, “Thank you so much for interviewing, however, we’ve decided to go in a different direction. Please do keep us in mind for positions for which you qualify in the future.”  

If you’re an employer looking for a reliable recruitment agency in Phoenix or Tucson, or a candidate looking for a job, give us a call today! 


Image by Kirill Averianov from Pixabay(7/18/2019)