Work plays a vital role in our lives as human beings; and not just because we need to pay the bills, feed our families, and send our kids to college so they can start the cycle all over again. We derive value and meaning from our jobs. But in today’s society, many are hitting a point-of-no-return into massive burnout. Overworking is now embedded into our society, and as research professor Brene Brown says, “It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.” As HR and recruiting professionals, Allstaff Services, Inc. is very aware of this predicament, and we’re glad to see many companies beginning to acknowledge there is a problem. The businesses that offer incentives to prioritize a healthy work-life balance are reaping the benefits of a more energized and motivated workforce. Here’s why:

Productivity Will Be Higher

Balance is an incredibly powerful force on the human mental and physical processes. When we strike balance in our lives, happiness is much more easily attained. And happy employees are more creative, innovative, focused, and productive.

Employee Health Will Improve

Many employees live in constant stress as they attempt to manage jobs, families, finances and personal lives. Did you know that this stress is scientifically linked to a number diseases and conditions including: insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, colds and viruses, circulatory problems, systemic or local infections, diabetes and heart problems, and even cancer?! Wow! Reduce the stress by introducing balance into your workforce, and you’ll find your employees just might be able to use their PTO to rest instead of using it to recuperate from sickness.

Your Company Brand Will Strengthen

It’s pretty easy to do the math here: happier and healthier employees who are motivated, productive, communicate better, are less negative, and engage more, will undoubtedly cause your company to stand out among the rest. And not only will you be attracting top talent, but your current employees are also more likely to be loyal, reducing costly turnover rates.  

So if you want to be a company that is filled with employees who come to work because it adds value to their lives—rather than overburdening them—then consider ways to encourage more balance in the lives of your employees. If you aren’t sure what will help, try asking them! And when you’re looking for that new, motivated and qualified recruit, look no further than Allstaff Services, Inc., where our passion as recruiting professionals is your satisfaction.


Photo by Rhone on Unsplash (9/7/2018)