Allstaff Services, Inc. has been staffing Phoenix Valley businesses for more than 55 years, and our experience has taught us it’s important to anticipate yearly workplace trends. Understanding changing trends is valuable both for employers and employees in being able to set the right environment at the office. With that in mind, we’ve adapted this blog post from a recent Forbes article to share key insights on current workplace trends for 2018.

  1. More Human Interaction. To a degree, autonomy is a good thing. Employees tend to work better when they are believed in and given space to accomplish their assigned tasks. But currently, many companies are tightening up their remote working policies, and/or creating workspaces to cultivate better employee interpersonal relationships. One reason for the shift to more connection is that companies have realized as employees interact there is a fostering of creativity, idea sharing, and collaboration. This human interaction trend affects management as well. Technology and automation have taken care of many tasks that used to burden managers. These days management has a new space, a new focus—becoming personally involved in the development of employees.
  2. Prioritization of Financial and Mental Wellness. A good work ethic is the backbone of American society and is something to take pride in. Unfortunately, many workers in America still live from paycheck to paycheck, which creates a heavy amount of financial stress. And with the rapid increase in technology allowing people to work 24-7 from anywhere in the world, the workforce is finding themselves mentally burned out. As a result, work performance is compromised, one reason more and more businesses are starting to focus on dealing with these stressors. Some companies are tackling mental burnout by encouraging their employees to take mental health days.
  3. An Aging Workforce. This is a tricky one for both the employer and the employee. With the baby boomer workforce aging—and not intending to retire by the customary age of 65—employers should expect to pay more in retirement benefits, health care, and equal opportunity. In addition, as leadership roles in companies remain with baby boomers for a longer period of time, the younger workforce is experiencing the frustration of not being able to climb the corporate ladder as quickly.
  4. A New Outlook on Learning Credentials and Education. Gone are the days when a traditional college education is expected or required by the general public or by businesses. With the rise of quality, affordable online-courses, we are seeing a trend away from university and college degrees. Some professions will still require it, but a lot of career paths may only require skills that can be adequately obtained with little to no debt.


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